Comprehensive Diagnosis and Treatment of COPD Can Improve Endurance, Relieve Breathing Symptoms and Prevent Disease Progression

Left untreated, the symptoms of Chronic Obstructive Pulmonary Disease (COPD) progress and worsen. But treatment for COPD can preserve the quality of life and independence for the more than 12 million people in the US who have this condition.

Experts at the COPD and Emphysema Program at The Lung Center at Brigham and Women's Hospital work with you to find the best combination of treatments to control your COPD. Our focused teams for COPD include pulmonologists, interventional pulmonologists, chest surgeons, thoracic imaging experts and respiratory therapists — all working together so you can maintain the highest level of function possible.

The health and safety of our patients, families and staff is our top priority. We are taking a comprehensive approach to prevent the spread of infectious diseases while we continue to provide the expert Lung care our patients need with both Virtual Visits and in-person, on-site appointments. Learn more about our Safe Care Commitment and the measures we are taking to provide the safest possible environment.

Why Choose Us

Our services for people living with COPD, and the resulting chronic bronchitis and emphysema, include:  

  • Medications, nutrition support, and antibiotic treatment.
  • An extensive pulmonary rehab program to boost physical conditioning and endurance, strengthen lung muscles and improve the overall quality of life.
  • Access to clinical trials and cutting-edge treatments.
  • Surgical innovation, including lung volume reduction surgery and other video-assisted thoracic surgery (VATS) using minimally invasive techniques that involve less pain and faster healing than open surgery.
  • Innovative endoscopic therapy for tracheomalacia and other complications of COPD and emphysema.
  • If a transplant is the best option for your COPD, our Lung Transplant Program is the largest in New England, performing approximately 75 transplants each year. Our program consistently meets or exceeds national survival benchmarks, even though we treat many complex patients whose other programs turn away. We offer mechanical ventilation/ECMO to serve as a bridge for patients awaiting transplant.
  • Virtual Visits via phone or computer to consult with you and keep you connected to your care.
  • Comprehensive measures to provide the safest possible environment for our patients. Learn more about our Safe Care Commitment.

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